Brrrrrr …

BrrrrrrIt’s just not right.
Too cold tonight.
So being brief
I’ll say, “Good Grief …
“It’s just not right;
“Too cold tonight!”

How’s that for breaking the blogging ice, as it were?

Last time I posted I was feeling a tad grandiose … thinking … and probably proclaiming … that I was going to post at least every Sunday.  (It’s on my weekly schedule and everything – has been since whenever I made that oh-so-public promise to the 7 of you who saw that post.)

But then you know what I think happened?  The Eagles started doing well … and my sister, HollyCornblog sent me this silly hat that I proceeded to wear during Eagles’ games … and they continued to do well, so of course I couldn’t change anything I was doing.  And it was a pretty complex ritual.

What was amazing was that it all kept working, right up until the first game of the play-offs.  And for reasons that I’ll never ever understand, I confess that I changed things just a wee bit for that game.  Horror of horrors … I watched it downstairs (NOT on the upstairs TV where I had witnessed all those wonderfully unexpected victories).

Yes, I screwed up everything and watched the most important game of the season on the wrong TV!  And of course we all saw what happened.  Shady never got going.  DJack hardly caught a pass … Foles looked human … and this is a burden I will carry to my grave.  (I was too young to have caused the Phillies ’64 meltdown … pretty sure about that.)

I sincerely apologize to the City of Brotherly Love and to HollyCornblog … and to all readers of JordanCornblog who probably felt abandoned after I made that heartfelt (at the time) promise about posting every week. See, I am letting everyone down.

So about this blog post … you definitely shouldn’t trust me yet.  This could just be another tease – another flash in the pan – to be followed by another 3-month silence.

Don’t get your hopes up … it only makes me feel that much more despicable when I let you down.

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4 Responses to Brrrrrr …

  1. Karen says:

    It’s only wierd if it DOESN’T work. New season, Jord! I await your words, but won’t hold my breath!


  2. Alice says:

    You can do it….you can…you can…can’t you….hoping so….love your blogs


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