Lots and Lots of Moving

So, after we moved to Park Road I didn’t do much moving (except within the house) ’til it was time for college.  And there began a period of portability that continued pretty far into my adulthood.

Yup, bricks, boards, and wooden crates about summed up that period for me.  And truth be told, it’s a decor that I still kind of fancy, though I no longer have crates in my room.  Well, that’s not entirely true … but I think the fact that they are small … and painted … seriously diminishes their authentic crateness (or cratenicity).

CatboxWe do have a few crates in the basement, still … and some bricks, too.  And this past fall Ms. JBD and I had a seriously genius-like idea about how to create a cat box enclosure that our dogs couldn’t get into.

If you live with dogs and cats, you are probably aware of their rather disgusting symbiotic relationship. And while the dogs did save us the chore of bending over and scooping out the poops in the cat box, their hobby certainly made me disinclined to accept the dog kisses that they so enjoy doling out.

Catbox1So yes, those old crates continue to come in very handy.  As you can see, that cat box is now neatly locked away. (And I can only presume that the dogs have found other ways to assuage their appetites – ways that I don’t want to know anything about.)

PS  It’s a good idea to apply varnish to the bricks and at least the portion of the wood that is closest to the ground.  It was awhile before we realized that we needed a cat box with higher sides (the one pictured here is no longer in use).

So, if you’re using a regular box, be sure to seal up anything that’s porous … just sayin’!

I’ll get into more detail about moving in future posts.  For now I apologize for the highly misleading title.  I just didn’t realize I was going to get sidetracked so quickly.

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