Another Moving Experience

So, I’ve been wrestling, for quite a few hours now, with trying to move a WordPress blog/website to a local host so I can do some testing. Β In the process, I am discovering some things about myself:

  • I absolutely love it when things work (be they digital or otherwise).
  • I get a tad cranky when they don’t.
  • But I am persistent (some might say stubborn).
  • It’s good for me to step away for a bit before I break something.
  • Caffeine doesn’t help, after a point.
  • Food does help (see cranky above).
  • I am not very good at following directions!
  • When I get whatever-it-is working I move quickly from cranky to euphoric.
  • Right now I am still at the cranky stage …

I shall keep you posted!


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