New Year's Eve Bonfire-2016

New Year’s Eve Bonfire-2016

I seem to love bonfires.

It’s not nascent pyromania, at least so far as I can tell.

But the more I reflect, the more I wonder. What is it about fires?

New Tear's Day Bonfire-2016

New Tear’s Day Bonfire-2016

They’re warming, and there’s something so alive about them.

And I love the work involved in getting a fire going – the gathering, the cutting, the building.

Oh, and there’s also the aspect of tidying. When I gather wood for a bonfire I’m ‘tidying’ the woods and that appeals to my sense of order.

As anyone who lives with me knows, if you leave a water-glass on the table and leave the room, and it’s there for more than @ 30 minutes it’s likely to get ‘tidied’ — much to the annoyance of some in my life.

Summer bonfire at the lake.

Summer bonfire at the lake.

Over the years I’ve tried to curtail that energy. Guess there’s a sense in which I’ve moved it outdoors, where it’s less likely to interfere and create unnecessary dynamics.

So, yup, tidying the woods and creating combustible conflagrations appeals to me on all different levels. I love the exercise of it … the upper body workout and then all those delicious steps!

Skyfire-Portsmouth 1/30/16

Skyfire-Portsmouth 1/30/16

Each fire is different, too. What they have in common is that they provide a gathering place, which I like. And it’s an easy place – a social place – a contemplative place.

No demands or expectations at all. You can chat or you can just stare at the fire … it’s all good. No pressure.

There's always a place ... and no, I won't tidy it up ... you're safe!

There’s always a place … and no, I won’t tidy it up … you’re safe!

Oh, and you probably need a cooling beverage, too.

And if it’s wintertime and there’s snow on the ground, you’ve got the perfect place to set it!

Yeah … fires … pretty neat!

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