Why Is Rush Limbaugh So Afraid of Lesbian Farmers? – NBC News

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh sounded the alarm bells about the “Obama regime” sending lesbian farmers to rural parts of America. But what’s really behind his concerns?

Source: Why Is Rush Limbaugh So Afraid of Lesbian Farmers? – NBC News

Well, of course poor Rush is afraid. Fueling phobias and pumping up paranoia is his bread and butter. And you can read his rantings (as well as some cogent analysis/response) at the link above.

Our nation created and sustains the likes of him …and it’s not like he’s new. Folks like this joker have been around forever.

Sadly, though, the internet and 24/7 news seem to supply more oxygen to these dudes. Why is NBC posting this ridiculousness on their website? Because people (including me) will click the link. It’s that simple … and that discouraging.

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1 Response to Why Is Rush Limbaugh So Afraid of Lesbian Farmers? – NBC News

  1. Julie Dewdney says:

    So his craziness gets us to click to the article which is actually really quite good! The rural to urban exodus is part of what fuels the rural feeling of a sense of loss of a way of life…of communities that knew each other and took care of each other. Pretty socialistic actually.


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