Forget Putin-Trump is Obama’s Puppet!

mouthThe conspiracy theorists are finally catching on to what’s happening with this year’s election – and just in the nick of time. The short story is this:

The whole Russia/Putin puppet thing is a ruse concocted by Obama, the CIA, and (it goes without saying, the calumnious Clinton’s).

It’s pretty complicated, but I have it on very good authority that Mr. Trump is part of a truly diabolical plot by the US Government to rid itself once-and-for-all of the Alt-Right True Believers and the Tea Partiers.

In their view of themselves, the Alt-Right and Tea Party have been trying valiantly to bring this nation back from the brink. And, like so many who suffer from varying degrees of paranoia, their fear-driven actions in the service of their delusions eventually bring about the result that they have been expecting all along.

I’d call it genius on Obama’s part if it weren’t so disturbingly cold-blooded — allowing thousands of extremely credulous people who follow anyone with a loud voice and a simple message — to stumble like sheep toward their collective demise. For an idea about the groups that are being targeted by this plan, click this link and check out the map.

The plan, hatched early in the Obama Administration,  has been to use Trump to incite the Tea Party and Alt-Right, first to excitement and then (when Trump eventually loses the election – as he has always intended to do), to violence. These eruptions of violence will then give the US Government an excuse to stamp out these groups of über patriots. And as these patriots well know, this is something the self-satisfied and self-serving Establishment has been itching to do for decades – really since Kennedy was in office (and Ted Cruz’s father helped to kill him).

Many on the right have long been suspicious and have long railed against the evil intent of Mr. Obama and his minions. But they have been slow to realize and assimilate the incredible cleverness, scope and reach of his plans. In short, they underestimated him (bigly).

And now, while the alarm is finally being sounded, it might just be too late. But let’s back up. How has this actually come to pass?

Well, months ago Ted Cruz, as stalwart a conservative as we’ve got in this devolving nation of ours, outed Trump as the closeted Liberal that he is. There’s plenty of evidence in the media, illustrating Trump’s left leanings, right down to his long-time friendship with the Clinton’s.

Unfortunately, Cruz’s truth-telling was lost in the strong response to Trump’s carnival-barker rhetoric on the stump. He was masterful, offering buzzwords and bogus plans to incite the right and get them to buy into this unlikely campaign. (This is how diabolical Obama is — he even used someone named Trump to create this trumped-up plan. Open your eyes, people — the clues are all there!)

So, hold that thought, and then couple it with the fact that anyone with half a brain can see that Trump has run a campaign so inept that he appears to be trying to lose.

What does that leave you with?

Well, on the one hand you’ve got a lot of fired up Trump supporters who:

  • Were called ‘deplorables’ by Hillary.
    • She parses everything she says. She’d never have said that unless scripted by Obama. Get real, people!
  • Are being told that the election is rigged.
    • So, even though Trump, working for Obama, has colluded strenuously in his own defeat, his core base is going to be infuriated on November 9 and spoiling for a fight.

This is the tinderbox that Obama has been waiting to put a match to ever since he was first sent here by Satan to lay waste to the American Way. Here’s how it will play out, if all goes according to plan:

  • Trump will not concede defeat but will use his platform to complain about the rigged system.
  • This will further incite his followers, who will take to the streets.
    • Meanwhile the liberals and elites will eat bonbons, drink champagne, and celebrate their victory in their gated communities.
  • Obama’s Government will then, in the chaos that ensues, take the opportunity to wipe out as many of the clear-eyed, clean-living, freedom-loving, Tea Partying, Alt-Right, white people as it possibly can.
    • Trump will be safe (he’s in on it, after all),
    • But folks like Richard Spencer might not be, so we’re really witnessing the death of true patriotism … a frightening prospect, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

It’s that ugly – and it’s that obvious.

Once you begin to see the patterns, they are everywhere.  Read Breitbart, people… the one news source worth your time.

(I’m kinda thinking I could write for them, whaddya say?)

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