Dear Melania

Walk away, Melania

Walk away, Melania

We were talking about you at work today and, truth be told, we were feeling sad for you.

Have you seen the videos and photos being posted on-line? The ones comparing Obama’s body language with Michelle to the way Donald is with you? There’s an interesting article about this whole body-language thing that you might want to take a look at. It will probably feel weird to read it at first. But I think you’ll ultimately find that it confirms a lot of your feelings – perhaps feelings that you’ve tried to hide, even from yourself.

Of course, there’s that viral GIF of your husband turning and saying something to you at the Inauguration. I’m guessing that you’ve seen it and that, again, it resonates with your inner feelings. You are smiling so glowingly at him as he turns toward you. Then he speaks and turns away and it is painful to watch how our face changes – how sad you look.

And that’s what I want you to know, Melania. We see how bravely you work to smile when the photos are being taken, But then you look so terribly sad, lost and unhappy when you think no one is watching.

Here’s the thing. While it may seem awful to you, to think that millions and millions of people are watching, there’s a different way to look at it. An alternate way, if you will.

The truth is that a lot of those people watching this unfold — people just like me — really empathize with your pain.

I admit that I don’t care for your husband. But that’s not why I am writing today.

He clearly is not someone who treats you well. It’s impossible not to see it. Literally everyone sees it, except for the people who voted for him, of course. (And even some of them are starting to waver.)

So this is the time, Melania. This is your time. If there ever was a perfect moment for you to get away from him, this is it.


Well, for one thing, he is, right now, so busy and preoccupied with Twitter and the size of his Inauguration and everything, he might not have a lot of energy for putting up a fight.

But the biggest reason to do it now is that you’d have well over half the population of the US … and the entire WORLD … rooting for you. It would be amazing. Bigly.

Forget support, you’d have people cheering you wherever you went. You’d be bigger than Princess Di — I really think so.

And you know what — you’d also be making an important statement to women about bullying. Remember, that’s the cause you said you’d be working on in the coming months.

So Melania, how about starting your work off with a big bang. Tell the man with the comb-over and the tiny hands that you no longer wish to be treated disrespectfully. You can do it quietly and with dignity — then stand back and watch the tweet-storm — and soak up the applause.

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2 Responses to Dear Melania

  1. Chris says:



  2. Julie says:

    This one is so to the point! Well done Jordy.


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