The Run is Done, and I Think It Was My Fault

Move over Alshon. This one’s on me.

Last week I posted the recipe for the Eagles’ next successful step in the playoffs. It was simple and to the point: do the same thing you did last week — exactly. Easy peasy, right?

But what did I do? Or, more to the point, what did I NOT do?

  • For starters, I wore the wrong T-shirt during the first part of the day. Last Sunday I had worn my lucky Pope Francis Eagles #15 shirt. And I had set it carefully aside so that it would be ready for this week. But I forgot and didn’t put it on ’til about 1 PM, which was WAY too late for the good luck to take root. (You could tell, just from watching the game. The papal power was there and working for about the first 15-minutes, but then it dissipated. I feel SO guilty!)
  • I didn’t go for a walk before the game. Having taken a walk last week, I knew full well that this might be an important part of the formula for success. Ignoring it was selfish and almost unforgivable.
  • I had on my Celek shirt during the game, but hadn’t put my father’s picture beside the TV. I hadn’t used it the week before but if I had been focused I would have known that it could have added some vital energy for the second half. This would have been an opportunity to make up for earlier mistakes, and I totally missed it.
  • Bottom line, I blew it. I didn’t do my job (and yes, I hear you, Bill Belichick, I hear you).
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7 Responses to The Run is Done, and I Think It Was My Fault

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  2. Karen says:

    sooooo….can you take the Christmas Tree down now?


  3. Julie says:

    I appreciate you taking personal responsibility on this one Jord! Alshon will feel better, I best get out my Wilford t-shirt for the Patriots on Sunday…..but I can’t remember everything I did before last weeks game.


  4. Katie says:

    Great job, Jordy. I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson and will do better next season.

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