Unworthy Ambitions

I want to be unfollowed by some of the more egregiously hateful and asinine jerks on Twitter. There it is — an ‘ambition’ that’s a total waste of time.

Of course, I’d love it if Pinocchio himself were to block me, but I know that’s doubtful, as he’s so obsessed with Nancy and his wall. The likes of Annie Coulter and Jimmy Woods are high on my list, too. I occasionally try a tweak or two in their direction but have so far failed in my attempts to adequately annoy them. I’m not saying I’ve given up, though. Just going for lower hanging fruit – like this dude…

Cheap shill…

Today my focus is on @Gehrig38 — aka Curt Schilling. He of the bloody sock and the absolutely #deplorable views. What a sick and ignorant waste of skin this guy is! I am so sad to have to admit that he was ever a Phillie. But at least it was long ago and far away.

His Wikipedia entry begins with a listing of his ‘former’ statuses: “…former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher, former video game developer, and former baseball color analyst.” Kinda reminds me of James Woods, the former actor. Both are clearly has-beens who are still (somewhat pathetically) trying to garner attention.

In his present-day life, the shill is apparently a Breitbart aficionado, as well as being an avid Trump supporter. Oh, and it sure looks to me like he is also a grifter or, at best, a really really inept business person.

But perhaps what bothers me the most about this self-serving right-wing shill is his appropriation of Lou Gehrig’s name and legacy. As if the Iron Horse bore any similarity to the small man that is Curt. Indeed, the two couldn’t be more different.

For example here’s what Gehrig did very quietly and out of a sense of civic responsibility in retirement (after his devastating diagnosis):

In October 1939, he accepted Mayor Fiorello La Guardia‘s appointment to a 10-year term as a New York City Parole Commissioner (Gehrig had moved from New Rochelle to Riverdale to satisfy a residency requirement for the job) and was sworn into office on January 2, 1940.[82] The Parole Commission commended the ex-ballplayer for his “firm belief in parole, properly administered,” stating that Gehrig “indicated he accepted the parole post because it represented an opportunity for public service. He had rejected other job offers – including lucrative speaking and guest appearance opportunities – worth far more financially than the $5,700 a year commissionership.” Gehrig visited New York City’s correctional facilities, but insisted that the visits not be covered by news media.[85] As always, Gehrig quietly and efficiently performed his duties…and he quietly resigned from the position about a month before his death.

Schilling and friend
Nearly as overweight, now, as his idol Drumpf, and just as short on friends…

Meanwhile, in retirement, our friend Mr. Schilling has spent his time launching sketchy money-making schemes, pushing cray conspiracy theories, and celebrating threats to journalists. A self-righteous swamp-dweller extraordinaire, Schilling’s failed video-game business sounds an awful lot like the many failed businesses of his idol Donald “Pinnochio” Trump. Propped up by fame, empty scams (aka “deals”) and tax-payer money (or Daddy’s money, depending on what’s closest to hand) these geniuses ultimately had to admit failure.

And who suffered? Not them, although victimhood is a central part of their schticks. Poor Curt and Donald, hounded by nefarious conspiracies fomented by far-left ‘crazies,’ they live in a scary world of pure projection.

Honest-to-god, if they weren’t so hateful, I’d feel sorry for the both of them.

But they are, and I don’t.

Here endeth the lesson.

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6 Responses to Unworthy Ambitions

  1. Katie says:

    It’s crazy how disgusting some people can be!! Good luck getting blocked! 🍀 🚫


  2. nyeanh says:

    Well said. And, if only…………


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