Halladay HOF (Schilling Not So Much)

roy halladay
Roy Halladay

So happy to see the news that the late great Roy Halladay is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. His records, not to mention his demeanor, surely put him in the ranks of the all-time greats.

Meanwhile, as you may have gleaned from a recent post, I am not at all unhappy to see that Curt Schilling continues to be snubbed by the HOF voters. Here’s an exhaustive comparison of the stats for the two pitchers. Looks like he of the bloody sock will have to wait for another round of votes, while the clock on his eligibility continues to tick.

So, statistically speaking, he ranks right up there with the greats. But, as some would argue (myself included) induction into the Hall of Fame is about more than just stats. It elevates and shines a light on a person. And with Mr. Schilling, what’s illuminated isn’t at all pretty. Indeed, it’s a wee bit like turning on a light in a roach-infested kitchen and watching hundreds of little creatures scurry back into the shadows.

Of course, President Trump’s endorsement did what it usually does. (Funny, what happens to everything he touches.)

But, alliteratively speaking, it’s Schilling’s sickening soul that most significantly sullies his stats and sinks his ship. Yes indeedy, he has a right to speak out. And HOF voters have a right to vote as they see fit.

My hope is that in his final years of eligibility he continues to fall short. As with Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds (albeit for different reasons) Cooperstown needs to be reserved for the true greats of the game. And by that I mean, at a minimum, athletes who didn’t cheat and are generally-acceptable human beings.

Sorry, Curt, you’ve eliminated yourself on the latter count IMHO.

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