Coyote Poop

The world is filled with amazing things, starting with this: It’s right in the middle of the trail we walk in the woods near our house.

Coyote poop.

I intended to get a photo of it yesterday. But then I didn’t.

So, I think it’s coyote poop. What else could it be? It’s pretty huge, and if it isn’t coyote poop, then I’m thinking it may be appropriate to be scared.

And this may actually be more information that you want, but there’s a lot of hair in it. Some poor creature(s) devoured by the ravening beast in our woods. Yikes! The photo here is from the web and is an approximation of our sample, albeit on pine needles rather than snow.

With more snow on the way today, our coyote poop will be buried the next time I pass it by. I’ll probably unknowingly step on it with my snowshoes. Then it will be effectively obliterated by the snowmobiles coming through. Come spring it will have melted back into the earth.

It’ll be gone. But I’ll remember the odd, intriguing, slightly disturbing ‘otherness’ of the coyote poop in the middle of the trail. The Trickster paid us a visit, passing through and gently taunting us.

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