Large Popcorn with Extra Butter, Please

If you’re in DC the bars are opening early today, and specials are on tap for people gathering to watch Michael Cohen’s testimony, starting at 10AM. It’s been hyped through the roof and I admit, I am as interested as anyone in seeing the orange miasma exposed and humiliated.

However, hearing Michael Cohen testify in surround-sound while drinking “Flipper” cocktails doesn’t change the fact that everyone involved in this mess is a low-life, Mr. Cohen included. So, we’ll get to hear how awful big Donnie is, and maybe little Donnie and Ivanka, too.

What many of us have thought all along will be confirmed. And what we’re left with are the additional disturbing facts that:

  • In spite of everything that has been pretty obvious about Trump from the get-go, a LOT of people voted for him — people you know, people you work with, people in your family.
  • In spite of what they know and what he has done in office, Republicans in Congress, for the most part, continue to support him.
  • During his time in office, he has worked very hard to erode trust in the press, the Justice Department, and the institutions of government in general.
  • At the same time, he has endorsed the fake news fomented by Fox and Breitbart and their ilk and has fanned the flames of Deep State conspiracies and Q-Anon craziness.

So, is it really likely that the testimony that Mr. Cohen will offer publically today will change any minds? I doubt it. It may be entertaining for those of us who want to see Trump embarrassed, but it’s not today’s testimony that we need to be watching, so much as what becomes of it. What actions, if any, will be taken by those in a position to act?

  • Will there come a point where upholding the Constitution becomes more important to the likes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham than the pursuit and consolidation of power?
  • Will there be something in Cohen’s testimony that tips the balance?
  • Will public support for Agent Orange erode enough that a couple more brave GOP Senators peel away?

If there hasn’t been anything that rose to that level yet for the bulk of the GOP, I really have to wonder why that would change today. The believers and the enablers have plenty of cover now, between discrediting the eminently discreditable Mr. Cohen AND blaming fake news and the Deep State for absolutely everything.

My hope is that SDNY will continue to pursue all of this. Our Federal institutions — Congress in particular — have proven themselves too swampy to deal with the quintessential swamp creature. Maybe they will redeem themselves — the House is starting to — but I’m not holding my breath.

And then there’s this: Does anyone else think Donnie has embarrassed himself with a really pathetic dye job?

And here’s an excellent summary of recent events from Trevor Noah…well done!

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