An Opera, My Fourth Martini, and Politics

Yesterday afternoon I went to see La Fille Du Regiment at the Capital Center for the Arts with Alice (who was well-entertained, in case you were worried). The opera was accessible and enjoyable – very funny and surprisingly moving by turns. And there was an encore (below) something I’d never experienced before.

Next year’s season of “Live at the Met” will be hosted in the new theatre venue in Concord, the renovated and remade Concord Theatre. Slated to be called the Bank of New Hampshire Stage the word is that it is scheduled to open in June of 2019 — an exciting prospect.

After the show, Alice and I went to O’s where I had a dirty martini — the fourth martini I have had in my life. It wasn’t filthy, just dirty, and here’s the difference: “The dirty martini becomes filthy by replacing the olive and its juice with a caperberry and brine. One of the most famous cocktails around, the martini has countless variations. Some are abominations (the chocolate martini) while others are a lifestyle choice (the dirty martini).”

I’m not sure that I have actually made a lifestyle choice, but I did like the dirty martini quite well. (I have also liked a variety of chocolate martini. It was my second, and I am not ashamed.)

I came home, then, and ruined my evening by exploring the news. Not a good idea these days. So, CPAC is happening in Maryland and apparently, The Donald addressed them yesterday. He spoke for more than 2 hours. More than 2 hours – let that sink in. He is one lonely, unhinged dude. Apparently, he even revisited the size of the crowd at his inauguration. And, of course, the adoring sycophants at CPAC ate it all up (although quite a few left before he was finished his hours-long ramble).

Just dip into the video below at any random points – it’s so sweaty, bizarre, and disturbing.

Impeach the Swampy Crook

Here’s what I think about impeaching Trump (I know you’ve been waiting to hear). Since this all started, I’ve felt like the GOP should be the ones to do it. It’s their mess, after all. And if the GOP were to do it, it would be slightly less likely that his base would see it as a Deep State plot. Only slightly, because the liar-in-chief has been so carefully preparing the ground for ‘fake news’ and the Deep State to be the culprits.

It’s crystal clear, though, that the GOP isn’t going to do a damn thing. Fiddling while Rome burns is a sad and understated analogy.

So that leaves the Dems, and while it is politically perilous to even speak the “i” word if you’re a Democrat, I am starting to think it’s gotta happen. We are mad at the GOP for factoring in politics when he’s so clearly and criminally unfit. But aren’t the Dems doing the same thing?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if those in a position to lead — no matter the party — were to put the country and its institutions first and say, “Enough is enough”? Isn’t that what’s needed?

Yes, the GOP are a bunch of flaming hypocrites who gave us Benghazi and the impeachment of Bill Clinton but won’t make a peep about the cray orange miasma. Yes, they are #deplorable. You’ll get no argument from me — and when all’s said and done, I think they have destroyed themselves in the service of empty power.

But I am understanding, less and less, what the Dems are waiting for.

It’s time. He’s over-cooked. We voted you in. It’s time.

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2 Responses to An Opera, My Fourth Martini, and Politics

  1. Katie says:

    Jealous of your opera visit! And I’ve never had a martini ever, so I think I’ll make my first one dirty. (?)

    My current thought is no impeachment. We are close enough to 2020 to just vote the whole lot out at this point. If impeached, Pence becomes president. And I think enough people would still vote to keep him in office after 2020!!


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