Was Beto Really Born forThis?

It’s not a good look for a relatively wealthy and relatively privileged white guy to say, “I want to be in it. Man, I’m just born to be in it.”

Not a good look, Beto, because it’s far too true. For starters, white guys are born to be in it. And the wealthier and more privileged they are, the more ‘in it’ they are born to be. So, I just wish you hadn’t said that. It makes me question your judgment and your self-awareness. And it makes me question your perspective on American history.

In contrast, here’s Mayor Pete on Fox. He was given the opportunity to say that he was born for this, and had the good sense to say that he was born to be useful. I like the lack of messianic pretension.

During this interview, he also makes the shocking announcement that the timetable on climate change isn’t being set by Congress but by reality. Congress, I am reminded, is also supposed to serve. Although I suppose one could argue that they do serve the various industries and interest groups that have bought and paid for them.

Mayor Pete hasn’t spent time wandering in the wilderness agonizing about his purpose and his future. Or maybe he has. He just didn’t have it all moodily photographed by Annie Leibovitz and documented in Vanity Fair.

And need I note that this is a magazine whose name includes the word vanity?

I thought not.

If I sound cynical, I guess I am. The Kennedy’s already happened. Moses and Jesus already happened. I am not looking for a savior. I am actually looking for someone who is authentic, has ideas, and is not seeming to put energy into being so studiously compelling.

I’ll listen and watch — and I will certainly vote for Beto if he is our candidate. But I won’t be joining in with the gushing, messianic hoopla. I might be doing that with Bryce Harper and the Phillies, but I won’t be doing it with you, Beto. Sorry.

Oh, and Lawrence O’Donnell, I expect more from you.

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