OMG, This is What I have Been Looking For!

Yes, I’m thoroughly tired of the constant noise and flashing lights of our 24/7 cable culture. Exhausted by the bright shiny objects we obediently turn our eyes toward. Discouraged by the way we follow along with the pundits as they try to suss out the ‘meaning’ of Trump’s latest tweet.

It has to mean something doesn’t it? Nope, actually, it doesn’t. I’ve concluded that he’s just an indolent and irritable orange orangutan flinging shit around in his pen. The more stress he gets, the more shit he flings. But seriously, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, there’s no there there, beyond the animal instinct to survive at any cost.

So anyway, I don’t just want to distract myself with March Madness and movies and music and martinis. (Hmmmm, wait, why don’t I want to do that?!)

No, seriously – I’ve been looking for some way to keep informed, but differently. Some venue where I don’t feel assaulted, not just by the content but also by the people delivering it.

I was listening to Julie Mason on POTUS this afternoon. POTUS (Politics of the United States) is one of the channels on Sirius/XM. Julie Mason hosts the show “The Press Pool” and I’ve come to look forward to listening on my commute home from work. Yesterday she interviewed Steve Scully from C-SPAN.

C-SPAN is exactly what I have been looking for!

It’s a treasure trove of information — and no one is presenting or interpreting or framing it for me. In my explorations so far I haven’t come upon a single pundit. It is so refreshing I could cry!

And here’s a confession: One of the videos I watched last night was of Beto at Keene State. It made me regret a bit of my snarkiness the other day. When will I learn? I nearly always regret my snarkiness.

I highly recommend C-SPAN and also recommend setting a timer before you start exploring because it would be very easy to lose a week without realizing it. (I won’t tell you how much time I spent watching Beto having photos taken with fans at Keene State after he spoke, but it was not insignificant.)

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2 Responses to OMG, This is What I have Been Looking For!

  1. Katie says:

    “Flinging shit in his pen” — YES! This is it!!!

    You’re right about CSPAN. NHPR is another go-to place for me. They discuss the news of the day and then they move on. No dwelling. No fighting. MOVE ON.

    I’m so torn about Beto. Let’s talk some more about this.


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