More Poop in the Woods

So a bit over a week ago we had a bear give a nocturnal display of his or her strength using our bird feeder. (Weather Dewd heard the commotion but apparently was engrossed in something else at the time so didn’t get up to check.) Here’s the damage (since repaired by Weather Dewd and JordanCornblog.):

Since that nocturnal visit we’ve not put out any more seed, and the birdfeeder has remained happily unscathed.

However, the other day whilst walking in the woods, I noticed a very interesting sample of scat.

You may recall an earlier post here about coyote poop we’ve noticed in the woods along the snowy trails. Well, this here is an entirely different animal, as you’ll see below. Just click on each image to get up close and personal with the evidence.

Interestingly, this bear scat is located right in the middle of the trail we walk daily. And it’s right in the spot where I swear on two walks I started randomly thinking about bears. Cross my heart. I looked around warily and everything.

So, now what? I just keep my eyes peeled when I’m out walking. (And I hope that bears are the shy creatures that everyone tells me they are.

And just as a quick update, in the Twitter front, I blocked the people I’d been so annoyed with yesterday. As well I’ve blocked some of the folks I habitually visited when I was looking for trouble — Coulter, Trump, Trump, Jr., etc. And I’m adding an item to my bullet journal for tracking time on Twitter and Facebook. Calling it “10” — I’ll get to check it off when I spend no more than 10 minutes a day on Facebook and Twitter combined. Using a timer generally helps me with goals like that, and 10 minutes is more than enough time. PLUS, if I’m not getting into ‘dust-ups’ it’s unlikely I’ll be tempted to stay longer. It’s wanting to have the last word that generally keeps me up at night. (And why should social media be any different than any other area of my life?!?) πŸ˜‰

Hope you get outside today. Oh yeah, and hope you get to watch Mayor Pete’s big announcement, too.

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