2019 Women’s World Cup

It’s underway and in 2019, I hardly know a thing about it.

Last night we watched a couple of matches, staying with Germany-China the longest. Germany struggled to get things going, and China looked like they were about to break through at the end of the first half. But the #2 team in the world eventually prevailed 1-0 and came away with work to do.

Here are the Groups and their rankings:

  • Group A: France (4), Norway (12), South Korea (14), Nigeria (38)
  • Group B: Germany (2), Spain (13), China (16), South Africa (49)
  • Group C: Australia (6), Brazil (10), Italy (15), Jamaica (53)
  • Group D: England (3), Japan (7), Scotland (20), Argentina (37)
  • Group E: Canada (5), Netherlands (8), New Zealand (19), Cameroon (46)
  • Group F: USA (1), Sweden (9), Thailand (34), Chile (39)

Look at England at #3 — a surprise to me (not because of any knowledge I have but because England appears to have gotten good while I wasn’t paying attention, and in spite of BREXIT.

Last night before bed I watched a brief interview with Julie Foudy who singled out Rose LaValle as her breakout player for the USWNT in this World Cup. A large part of the challenge (according to the interview which is on the FIFA site somewhere) will be the midfield play.

And below is a link to a cool video, commemorating the ’99ers (just because). I’ve watched nearly the whole thing. It’s about reflecting on their experience, about women’s sports (and persistent inequities) and includes a lot of memories, inspiration, fun, and light moments among the 4 players (Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, and Brianna Scurry). I heartily recommend it!


Okay, and here’s this, just because…

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2 Responses to 2019 Women’s World Cup

  1. BJ Entwisle says:

    My favorite commercial, EVER!!!


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