So, what do you think? Did they score too much? Celebrate too much?

If you visit Twitter and do a quick search on USWNT or #USWNT you’ll get a sense of the range of opinions. And I feel like I’ve got the same range inside.

I felt terrible for Thailand, and at the same time, how insulting would it have been for the US to pull back and not play at full-throttle? Wonder what full-throttle looks like?

Here are the goal-scorers, and when they scored their goals…

  • Alex Morgan (12′, 53′, 74′, 81′, 87′)
  • Rose Lavelle (20′, 56′)
  • Lindsey Horan (32′)
  • Samantha Mewis (50′, 54′)
  • Megan Rapinoe (79′)
  • Mallory Pugh (85′)
  • Carli Lloyd (90′ +2)

And as someone on Twitter wrote, each goal has its own story behind it…the hours of practice, the family and friend support, the personal bests and team records being chased.

It isn’t just a simple matter of ‘running up the score.’

No team has ever scored as many goals in a World Cup — men’s or women’s. Only one other player (Michelle Akers) has scored as many goals in a World Cup (1991). I am sure these kinds of benchmarks are in players’ minds as they eye the goal.

And goal differential is important in something like the WWC. So there’s that.

But were the celebrations necessary? Should they have been more muted? Julie Foudy and Kate Markgraf thought so in a post-game interview on ESPN. And our Canadian friends called us out in no uncertain terms.

And just listen to how Kristine Lilly reflects, in 2019, on a Norwegian celebration that took place in 1995…

So, personally, while I get it that you don’t take your foot off the accelerator when you’re playing in matches you’ve dreamed about all your life, I kind of agree that the celebrations could have been more muted.

Maybe I’m especially sensitive to it in the age of Trump. It’s easy to project his boorish behavior onto all Americans, so anything smacking of ego gets a wee bit heightened these days. And I suspect that some of the ire we just heard from Canada is as much about his orangeness as about the USWNT.

Whatever you think about yesterday’s match, the US Women have gotten the attention of the world and now have a target on their backs (if they didn’t before). Are they now the villains of the WWC?

And would we be saying the same about a men’s team in similar circumstances?

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1 Response to Controversy

  1. Alice Nye says:

    Yes, too much grandstanding for my taste. I felt so badly for the Thai team, especially the goalie.

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