Will They Do It?

I feel like I should be more nervous this morning. Are you?

The USWNT is the juggernaut and the Dutch are the upstart team that replaced the usual suspects (Germany, are you listening?) in the final. So will the upstart challenge the juggernaut?

I’m hoping to see more from Rose Lavelle today. Check out her nutmeg in the video below. She was Julie Foudy’s pick as the breakthrough player in this World Cup. (Sir Hits A Lot picked Mallory Pugh- but maybe he was getting a little ahead of himself?!?)

Lavelle’s nutmeg…

Whatever happens later this morning, I am going to miss having the Women’s World Cup in my life.

After today it’s back to:

  • Baseball (Phillies, c’mon) and
  • Politics (time to apply the lessons of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning to the Democratic primary contenders, I’m thinking — so sorry, Tulsi), and
  • He whose name shall remain unmentioned.

So, let’s go, USWNT, and later today, we’ll get back to the rest of our lives…

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2 Responses to Will They Do It?

  1. I bet it was the 1999 Final — at the Rose Bowl. I was a wreck for that one. And Rachel was in 5th grade and we were all glued to the TV. Or was it the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta?

    Fingers crossed that the children cooperate here in 2019!

    And I’m liking Harris and Warren, too – with Mayor Pete in there as well. Please, no Bernie or Biden…;-)

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  2. Katie says:

    Even I’m excited about this one! I remember watching the World Cup final in 1996 (?) β€” summer after the 6th grade in a town with NO soccer teams. It was so much fun! I’m hoping the children cooperate today and I actually get to sit down and watch some of it.

    Loved your reference to death cleaning! My top two are Harris and Warren right now. I’d love an all female ticket!

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