The Pathetic Emptiness of Some Rich and Powerful Men (You Know Who I’m Talking About)

Yes, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Kraft and…

The list goes on and on and includes many current and former members of Trump’s murky, swamp-gas-perfumed cabinet.

In all the reporting of their execrable exploits, why does no one write about their pathetic ineptitude, humiliating neediness, and stunning emotional impoverishment?

I mean, these are dudes who apparently can’t get a date on their own. I’m sure that is difficult to cope with.

And, unfortunately, in a twist that’s sad (but also horrific when coupled with power and money) their need for attention and validation is a vast, dark, and insatiable maw of emptiness. It’s an emptiness that they are desperate to fill.

Trump gives us the size of his pee-pee, compliments of Imgur…

Strongmen vs. Strong Men

Studies show that, while strong men are actually strong, kind and competent, strongmen share some interesting common traits including:

  • Extremely fragile egos (83% as measured by frequency of pouting, tantrums, and retaliatory lashing out);
  • Egos that need to be constantly fed (100%, obviously),
  • A tendency to talk about themselves all the time (87% as measured by video footage of Donald Trump, along with anecdotal reports by friends and family members of other assorted strongmen),
  • Being happy to exploit others without guilt or shame (again, 100% of the time — and here we have the swamp at its finest) and
  • Remarkably tiny hands (a whopping 96% based on observation, common sense, and photographic evidence).

So, some strongmen are bullies. These are the ones like Trump who ‘grab ’em.’ Full of bluster, they are hollow snowflakes whose needs, as Adrienne Rich would say, if she were to describe them, “mock their gear.”

And then there are the ones who feel entitled to whatever they want but are more dainty and circumspect about it all. But don’t be fooled — their needs must be constantly fed, too. These are the Jeffrey Epsteins and, one has to assume, the Robert Krafts of the world. They hire others to bring them what they want. Then they just sit back and wait for delivery.

Strip away the power and money from any of these creatures, and they might actually have to deal meaningfully with their issues. But as it is, they keep finding ways to feed themselves what they want, getting emptier and emptier (and weaker and weaker) in the process.

Empty husks when they die, no one honestly laments or misses them.

And, truth be told, I imagine that, as terrified of death as they are, there is probably some corner of their twisted, shrunk, and lonely souls that is glad to have it all over with. It just can’t be fun, being one of those desperately empty and needy strongmen.

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3 Responses to The Pathetic Emptiness of Some Rich and Powerful Men (You Know Who I’m Talking About)

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  2. nyeanh says:

    An astute analysis. You have a way with words! I am especially taken with your phrase “the insatiable maw of emptiness.” How apt!


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