One More Time, With Feeling

I just published a draft post that had been sitting untended on my dashboard since November, and am now gearing up to get back into this game, encouraged by my kind blogger friend over at The Cozy Burrow. (Alice, I think you’d enjoy this blog.)

I seem to have lost some confidence, either in my writing skills or my ability to have original thoughts, somewhere along the line. The onslaught of terrible news, coupled with the degradation of our common language (and mine right along with it), has contributed to my discouraged silence.

To regain my footing, I’ve been doing more pen and paper writing over this recent period of time, and it has helped. There’s no doubt that writing takes practice, as does thinking. And I had been digging myself some pretty deep ruts, especially on the thinking front over these recent months.

My thinking, over time, had pretty much devolved to “Fuck you!” There was some satisfaction in tweeting that to Trump back in 2017. But more recently I find that I need to step away from that rut and find a different path and a different frame for hopefulness.

So now, as the days lengthen and there’s room to stretch and expand a bit, I want to give this another try. I’ll aim to start small and proceed from there.

And I know I’ve lied to you before. Not sure what I can say about that, except sorry!

Oh, and by the way I did finish Blowout and Jayber Crow — both excellent books that I recommend highly.

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4 Responses to One More Time, With Feeling

  1. nyeanh says:

    I’ve missed your blogs and look forward to seeing one whenever. I consider it a gift in my inbox when one appears. They have always made me think, sometimes laugh, and once in awhile disagree. Today’s has led me to Blowout and Wendall Berry. Thanks–and onward………


  2. Thanks, Katie. Yes, time to step up and out of those ruts. Gotta be careful on the humor front, as that often contributes to the ‘rutting’ for me. One step at a time…and you’re an excellent and much appreciated role model. Have a wonderful sunny Sunday to start this new month!

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  3. Katie says:

    Sorry to have been so pushy in my last email to you :p But I’m happy to see you sharing your blog again! I can understand feeling like you’ve lost confidence in writing and the ability to have original thoughts — sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself a million times AND doing an awful job of it. But I’ve enjoyed setting myself up with a reasonable little blogging routine and watching the accumulation of completed posts over time.

    I hate to hear that you’ve been digging some thinking ruts lately. Things feel so hopeless right now, I know. But looking for the humor and beauty of it all – which you excel at – makes it a bit more bearable!


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