Ruby’s Big Adventure

It started innocently enough. Ruby had finished her dinner on Friday and was pacing around as she often does when she needs to go out.

Ruby, for those who don’t know, is our 15+-year-old Westie. A sweet girl who has lost a good bit of her hearing and eyesight. And we think maybe also a bit of her incisive, Westie clarity.

Some might say, in only the most loving way, that she’s gotten a little ditzy.

So, Ruby was pacing around in her Ruby way and it seemed a no-brainer to let her out. It was getting on toward dusk and probably time for the evening poop, or at least a quick after-dinner pee. But then, what happened was that Ruby stayed out for a long, long time. That’s because the humans in the house forgot that she was out there. And when they remembered and went to let her in, she was nowhere to be found.

Here’s Ruby’s version of what was happening at this point…

I was just sniffin’ and walking around…

For Ruby, it was one of those nights when sniffin’ and walking around was actually fun again. The snow was gone and so was the ice. Ruby was having a time of it.

But apparently, that wasn’t how the humans saw it. They were getting panicky. Caleb was out there, too, and he shares his observations below:

I was out there, too, and things got pretty weird.

So three humans were outside wandering around in the dark with headlamps and flashlights, looking for Ruby. There was no point in calling because they knew Ruby wouldn’t be able to hear. They were getting more and more worried. And meanwhile, Ruby was just sniffin’ and walking around, minding her own business and having a good time.

What happened next was very emotional for the humans. Ruby was discovered over in the field, pretty far from the house, past the grape arbors and heading toward the woods. She wasn’t at the edge of the deep, dark woods yet, but that’s where her paws appeared to be taking her. The humans were SO relieved and happy.

And for Ruby, well, here’s the rest of the story, from Ruby’s perspective…

That was the end of Ruby’s big adventure. The humans agree that it was SO lucky that Ruby was found before she wandered into the woods. And meanwhile, the dogs agree that human behavior is sometimes just weird.

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12 Responses to Ruby’s Big Adventure

  1. Audrey says:

    Laughing and crying! Keep these adventures coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nyeanh says:

    i don’t know how to tell you how much I enjoyed Ruby’s Big Adventure. Correction! I do know how: I REALLY REALLY enjoyed it. It made me laugh; and I teared up, too. The last time I saw Ruby I didn’t think she would be out and about sniffing and walking around again. I should have listened to Caleb who accused me of catastrophic thinking. It is clear that you humans are so lucky to have Ruby and Caleb in your lives to help keep you at least partially grounded.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, Caleb doesn’t mince words, does he! Ruby’s big adventure hardly compares to yours, but in both cases, the outcome couldn’t have been better. Have a great day, Big Al — and let me know if you want my company! πŸ˜‰


  3. Katie says:

    All Ruby wanted to do was sniff and walk around – leave that baby alone!!

    I’m glad everything was okay and she made it back into the house! I didn’t even know that Ruby existed – I’m glad she found her way onto your blog!


  4. Julie says:

    I am so glad to see some humor here! At the time, this human was in a complete dither. I am glad to know how Ruby felt during her adventure.


  5. Karen says:

    This is probably a very accurate rendition of Ruby’s and Caleb’s perspectives! I am so glad she was foundπŸ’•


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