Taking Charge

…one small step at a time.

Each moment I have an opportunity to be in charge of myself and make choices that each have a part in steering how my day goes.

I know I’m not in charge of what happens to me — the things that come my way. But I am in charge of my responses and my choices.

Do I give myself what I need to thrive? Do I respond with openness and compassion to those who cross my path?

Even on Twitter? (Really? Even on Twitter?!)

What do I feed myself? Both in the kitchen and metaphorically.

Do I seek out positive or negative energy? Do I step into my day with energy? Or do I slide into it without conscious volition or agency?

I remember how I used to feel when I rode my bike to and from work. I did it for years, first in suburban Philly, before I had a car. And later, here in New Hampshire in the late-eighties and into the nineties.

No matter what, when I started my day that way it became a kind of adventure. I’d arrive at work, already feeling accomplished and energized. It was my day and that made a different sort of a day.

So what about now? I am no longer actually going IN to work. And biking to work has long been a thing of the past. But recently I’ve been in the habit of walking in the woods in the morning. And that led me to think about how I bring myself to my at-home work each day.

Working remotely from home has plenty of perks. But one of the downsides is that the boundaries between work and home can easily be obliterated. So I’m starting to think of those morning walks as my commute.

I leave the house when it’s light enough to see the path, and I walk through the woods to work. It helps me ‘leave home’ and bring myself to my workday as mindfully as I can. PLUS I get a good start on my daily steps.

I’m sure I won’t do it in all weathers. But I really like this walking idea. It becomes my gift to myself. Like biking, all those years ago, I’ll do it when I can, and arrive at work feeling accomplished and energized.

And I love how it gives my day a shape and flavor that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

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4 Responses to Taking Charge

  1. Karen says:

    I like this Jord-I feel the same about my early morning exercise-sets the tone for the day and is full of intention!

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  2. Katie says:

    I love the idea of your daily commute. What a perfect way to think about it! I hope you find ways to draw good boundaries while working from home… it IS hard, especially when you can connect in so many ways (your phone, ipad, and computer… nothing is safe!!)

    Your picture of the sunrise is gorgeous. Stay warm!!

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    • Thanks so much, Katie. And I loved your mention, in your post, of loose tooth drama. You didn’t have to say anything more – I could just totally picture it! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I’m so glad that your stitching is warming your heart!

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