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Erving Goffman Was Wrong

MichelangeloWas right. You don’t create yourSelf. You uncover.

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You come into the world alone. If you’re lucky you’re greeted warmly. If not, you may come to learn that chaos and emptiness surround you. Maybe you float, terrifyingly and wordlessly untethered. Gradually, the words come, and you cobble together … Continue reading

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That’s Right, Stop

The repetitionCompulsion plots a path thatI no longer choose.

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Stepping Into Something New

Some time ago I pulled an Angel Card and netted Forgiveness. Really? Must I? If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll know that’s something I’ve struggled with. But carrying resentment is a weight. And forgiveness isn’t about something being … Continue reading

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Ladder of Inference

If you have climbed toThe top then just stop. The slideIs so very steep.

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Little Jordie, Thanks but…

I know you’re tryingTo protect me but I don’tNeed that from you now..

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Here’s an Idea…

Take changes softlyLike dust filtered through sunlightThey land where they may.

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Beginner’s Mind

Learning to live atSixty-Nine is a veryGracious gift indeed.

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