Time and Snow: Both Have Been Flying Lately!

It’s nearly Solstice and we’ve had some major snow here in NH for this early in the winter.  December 20th and the paths we’ve shoveled have 3-foot mounds on either side of them.  Amazing!  (Lately I’ve had a daydream of putting my head down, racing through that maze of snow-mounded paths, and scooting a quick/crafty route right around Christmas and out the other side without anyone noticing.  What do you think the chances  of that happening are?  Yeah, I thought so …)

 My family gave me, this year, for my birthday, a digital turntable, and I’ve been having a blast pulling out old albums and listening to them as I digitalize them.  Often, as now, I’ll do other work as the vinyl turns.  Tonight it’s Buffy Sainte-Marie “Fire & Fleet & Candlelight.”  I love the wafting memories the music evokes … and I’ll make some of these old records into CD’s for stocking stuffers.  Daydream as I may about avoiding the Christmas juggernaut, I do enjoy many of the traditions that our family has evolved through years of holidays … stockings being one of them.

So the time’s been flying .. and the snow’s been flying … and the political rhetoric has been flying in these parts, too.  Things are heating up as the NH Primary draws near.  John Edwards seems to be making a strong push (with Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne in tow*) and I find myself more and more drawn to his message.  I remain overall undecided, however.

One final note – in these truly RANDOM thoughts – did you notice that there was a fire in the VP’s office in DC yesterday?  Ten bucks says that something incriminating got burnt up in that little conflagration.  Something key is going to turn up missing and the fire will be blamed.  Just wait … and remember, you read it here first … errrr, maybe second or third … as I see that many in the blogosphere are speculating on this!

 * NOTE TO SELF:  Don’t forget to pull out the old Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne albums!

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