A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

I’m heading outside this morning to continue the clean-up from our big snowfall on Thursday.  The mounds are huge and with predicted rain on tomorrow’s horizen, it’ll be a mess if everything isn’t cleaned up.  They’re saying it’ll rain tomorrow and then we’re heading into a big freeze – so whatever snow is left on the ground will be transformed into concrete for all intents and purposes – and may well be around for weeks to come.

 The metaphor is obvious – with snow representing emotional debris, interpersonal tangles, you name it.   What’s not dealt with doesn’t go away.  It turns into the equivalent of “concrete” – weighing down our souls and spirits.  The clean-up can be hard work, like shoveling snow – but it’s sure worth it.

(An apology here … I’d have been more artful in leading into/describing the metaphoric meaning of the snow, concrete, etc. – but I’m quite suspicious that at this point my writing is just bald-faced avoidance of shoveling – so I’m being quick and getting myself out there.)


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