Angel Cards

Last evening I attended a celebration in which, as part of the evening’s activities, everyone present had the opportunity to draw two Angel Cards.  I drew “Purpose” and “Grace” and have been pondering them off and on ever since. 

Purpose is a good one for me – as I’ve been thinking a lot along those lines over the past year and will continue to in 2008.  What are my goals at this stage of my life?  And, in a larger sense, why am I here? 

“Grace” is interesting and more puzzling, though.  I take it to mean Grace in the expansive, theological sense rather than the physical sense.  (If it’s the latter I’m afraid I’m in big trouble!)  So … Grace as gift … something seemingly unearned, unasked … arriving unexpectedly.  Grace.  Hmmmm.  It almost seems at odds with “Purpose” – or certainly in a different realm entirely.

As I let the words percolate, it comes to feel like Purpose and Grace may be about Head and Heart – different ways of approaching life that work together quite well.  Living purposfully, I think, plan and do, using my head to the utmost.  Living gracefully, I am open to what comes … from the universe … from the deepest recesses of my memory and my emotional nooks and crannies. 

Each informs and enriches the other.  Each alone, is less.  My mind takes me so far … but can’t find its way to the wellsprings that grace bestows.  And grace, left to its own devices, might never get anything done.  So grace and purpose – each a gift to the other – each a gift to me!

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