Christmas Eve Morning

It rained hard last night and stayed warm, so we woke to an iceless world (thankfully).  Snow still blankets most everything, but where it had been plowed and shoveled, the bare ground shows through.  What’s left must be very wet and heavy – and whenever it freezes it’ll be amazing!

Yesterday we had several visits from a huge flock of wild turkeys – 15-20 birds in all.  They’d walk up our long driveway and then wend along the narrow, shoveled paths til they got to the birdfeeder and the strewn seed underneath.  There they’d scracth and eat, until something startled them and they rose as one, flying through the mist, back down the hill to safety.  Later they’d all troop back up the driveway, march through the maze of shoveled paths, eventually arriving again at the birdfeeder for more food. 

It is just amazing to see those large critters foraging in the snow along with the sparrows and chickadees.  Our two cats were as fascinated as we were – and seemed quite unsure as to what they’d do out there amongst the birds, given the chance (which they were not given). 

And now, a new day.  Onward!

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2 Responses to Christmas Eve Morning

  1. Thanks Secret Blogger … you’re my FIRST commenter! I’m hoping you’ll encourage others to start posting. Have a great Holilday!


  2. Secret Blogger says:

    Great post – keep up the good work. (And Happy Holidays!)


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