Iowa 2008

By tomorrow morning we’ll know something new about this year’s presidential race.  How much of what we’ll know tomorrow morning is of substance – and how much is the result of spin will be interesting to try to sort out.

With the NH Primary coming so fast on the heels of Iowa, even a little momentum garnered in the Hawkeye State will hit New Hampshire like winter storms sweeping in from the prairies.  (And in NH, we’re running out of places to put the snow already – a good metaphor for campaign rhetoric and spin in this campaign season.)

I read, last night, a provocative (is there any other way) piece by Michael Moore that my sister forwarded me from the Common Dreams website.  I’ve been undecided for months now and continue so, to a large degree.   But I surely do agree with Edwards in what he says about corporate greed and the choke hold that corporations seem to have on our democratic institutions.  I think that my heart is with Edwards’ message – as it was 4 years ago … but I’m hearing that if he doesn’t win in Iowa he’s pretty much a goner. 

Why?  That’s what I wonder.  This is what the pundits tell us … and hearing such things then factors into the decisions that the next batch of voters make.  It’s as if the outcome of one of the bowl games were being decided, not simply by the play on the field, but also by what the announcers and coaches were saying to the fans about the game.  (Come to think of it, I guess that is kind of how the BCS system currently works … and just look how pleased everyone is with the outcome!) 

I hope that, whatever the outcome is in Iowa today, the NH voters aren’t so terribly swayed by all the punditry.  (I hope that I am not swayed!)  For the good of this country, the Democrats sorely need to pick a winner, IMHO … but at this stage of the game, everyone needs to vote for the candidate they agree with … not the one the pundits have annointed.  The voters need to give the pundits some real data to chew on – not simply reflect back what they’re hearing from their TV’s and radio’s and computers!

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