Results Are In …

Well, round one is done!  A strong showing for Obama and Huckabee … which will make the NH primary all the more interesting.  Will they solidify their positions, or will there be more shifting and jockeying before this is done?  My money’s on the latter. 

I liked Howard Fineman’s analysis and agree with the message of CHANGE that is blowing in from the prairie.  So the question is, while the message may be that change is what the country thirsts for, are Obama and Huckabee the messangers we’ll end up with?  NH will add an interesting twist as we all try to answer that question! 

Here in the Granite State, the Ron Paul signs have been sprouting like trees, the snowbanks are littered with political detritus going all the way back to Tancredo, and John Edwards seems to have growing support among progressives in NH and around the country.  Mitt took a hard hit from the Concord Monitor, and meanwhile McCain is definitely on the rise.  Hillary has a very strong, committed, organized base in NH, as does Obama – and Rudy continues to hang out in warmer climes for some reason.  It’ll be an interesting several days here in NH, no doubt about it.

My guess is that there will be a different set of “front-runners” after Tuesday – sending the pundits and the rest of us all to Michigan and South Carolina with more questions than answers, as the primary season continues to unfold.

PS  And meanwhile … if you think the problems presented by our culture of gargantuan consumption aren’t serious, check out this piece from the NY Times … sobering stuff.

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