Come Groundhog Day Morning

After a sleet-pelted night, the day dawns fresh, with dark, dark clouds drifting toward the east.  Out my window here on the third floor, I watch a thin line of orange dawn right at the horizen.  It’s a Halloweenish looking morning (if you don’t look at the snow).  The dogs have been up, fed, and are snoozing again.  The cats are prowling.  Otherwise the house is silent. Before the Storm

Here’s what the pre-storm, gorgeous dawn looked like yesterday out behind my sister’s house.  I’m thinking of them today, as they have an appointment for the vet to see their venerable-but-ailing shephard mix Murphy.  It seems highly likely that it will be a sad day over in those parts.  Even when it’s the right thing, it’s excruciating. 

On the political front, it sounds like Bill is going after Ted in his anger about the Obama endorsement (but maybe causing Hillary some collateral damage in the process?).

Ground Hog Day DawnMeanwhile MoveOn went big for Obama, and if I had to guess, I’d say that there’s some significant momentum building. 

And finally .. for now … here’s my world this morning … and …

… a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, JPE!

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