Super Sunday

Something went kerrflooey with something last night, and I’ve been receiving hundreds of e-mail notifications of my friend CB’s comment on one of my entries.  She said, “What Giants?” and I responded, “They might be Giants.”

Both scintellating remarks have since been deleted in an effort to stop the e-mails.

So far, no success … and I continue to hear, “What Giants?”, “What Giants?”, “What Giants?” ad infinitim. 

Patriots’ Choral SocietyMaybe there’s something cosmically perfect about that – both the question and its endless repetition … WHAT GIANTS?  I mean, really – the GIANTS in the Superbowl?  Come on! 

Meanwhile, in addition to standing on the verge of an historic season, the New England Patriots’ Choral Society continues to perform, to rave reviews, all around the country.  What a talented bunch!

Returning to Nicole Kidman for a moment, I am embarrassed to say that I had not realized she was pregnant.  No wonder people from Australia are not reading JordanCornblog!  Here she comments on the benefits of pregnancy … in an interview that she probably will not look back on as one of her finer moments.

I suspect that if I’m going to get search engines to pick up any Australia references here I’ll need to write about someone more obsure than Nicole Kidman (sorry, Nicole).  Evonne Goolagong springs to mind.  Other suggestions are welcome!

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