Blogging the Bowl in NH

Okay … we begin with a reading of the Declaration of Independence … brought to us by Fox.  Why do I feel so suspicious?  Of course, if we’re taking about overthrowing governments … well … I guess I could get into it!

6:12 and the teams are on the field.  Amazing to see all the flashbulbs going off.  Now a commercial … per minute they’re a bit more expensive than a gallon of gas.  A bit.

The coin toss … 15-minutes … and 6 commercials later.  And tomorrow we’ll have the kick-off!  🙂

Interesting – Teddy Bruschi is in his 5th Superbowl.  And wasn’t kick-off supposed to be at 6:17?  As people leave to get food … and pee … we decide that next year we’ll get astronaut diapers for this game!Cute

Kickoff – and Giants are down inside their 20.  

WHAT is Bill Belichick wearing??  It has us all worried. 

Okay – holding ’em to a field goal after that 9+ minute drive was good.  Now let’s see what Tom Terrific can do.  I’m rooting for a long strike to Moss, just to make a point.  All right … so no strike to Moss … but the Pats look about ready to score. 

TOUCHDOWN MARONEY!!  PAT good.  “We’ll give three and take 7,” we say, happily!  Another commercial … LOVE that pigeon Fed-Ex commercial … and My Talking Stain for Tide-to-Go stick. 

We’re looking for three-and-out here!  YEAH – Pats interception! 

Sad/inspiring Budweiser commercial … Rocky theme … reminds me that the Eagles really SHOULD be in this game!  Next year!

Wow – @ 6:30 left.  This looks like it’s settling down to be a tough game.  Where’s Moss been?  Almost the half … and the Pats aren’t moving the ball.  Lots of grinding defense!  The line isn’t protecting Brady.  This is beginning to feel like a rust belt game … Browns-Steelers, maybe. 

But no – scratch that – first down Pats. 

No … now Giants ball with 10 seconds … at NE 49,  INCOMPLETE.  Five seconds.  Let the commercials begin … errrrr … resume.

SECOND HALF!  Pats just kicked it away.  I may have to concentrate on the game … they seem to be missing my energy.  But can’t leave without commenting on that Richard Richard Simmons Simmons cameo … too much! 

Meanwhile, NE gets the first down on the challenge resulting in the penalty … Belichick is a genius!  (And, as was noted here by one of my compatriots … he was lucky to have the TV time out to figure out whether to challenge or not!) 

But then they did nothing with it.  Now the Giants are moving.  Another first down.  (“Crap,” is what folks are saying here.  “Crap, crap, crap!”)

Now the Brady Bunch have the ball at the 10 … after a wonderful E*Trade commercial.  Here we go … uh … false start.  Back to the 5.  Brady is getting NO time to look up field!  Wow – what a catch by Welker!  Maroney picks up 9.  Another great catch by Welker.  19 yards!

Uh oh … Giants ball on their 20.  Long pass … and now they’re showing Jeremy Shockey in the stands.  Poor Shockey 😦 (heh heh). 

But damn, the Giants are moving the ball!  TOUCHDOWN!  Things are very quiet here. 

11:05 in the 4th.  Let’s move it, Pats! First down to Moss.  Good to see him getting more touches.  But that was it for the first downs.  (We’re starting to say, “Crap, crap, crap,” again.) 

But another E*Trade commercial just cheered us all up.  “I really underestimated the creepiness.”

Giants don’t move it and punt it away.  Fair catch – Pats’ ball!  Here we go … nice catch by Welker!  Good short passes – keep it moving, Pats … and eat up time on the clock.

First down Moss!  First down Faulk!  Now it’s 3rd and goal.  Tension mounting.  TOUCHDOWN Moss!!!!!  PAT good … putting the Pats up 14-10.  Giants will need a touchdown – a field goal won’t help ’em.

Giants get the ball with 2:42 to work with … and they’re down at the 15.  First down Giants.  Now … 3rd down … and two-minute warning commercials … not such a good crop of ’em … I want that E*Trade baby again!

Back to the game.  Giants first down.  Weird stuff happening with the clock.  Huge pass by Manning who eluded a sure sack … then amazing catch by … someone … I didn’t hear who (and too bummed to want to know).  That was a 32 yard completion. 

PHEW … Manning is sacked and the Giants use their last time out.  We are VERY nervous here in Canterbury.  51 seconds left! 

Oh my God … TOUCHDOWN Giants (Burruss).  17-14 Giants.

Here come the Pats.  29 seconds and three time outs.

Now we’re down to 10 seconds. 

Giants win it.  What an upset! 

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