The Morning After … The Morning Before

It’s an odd feeling, realizing that nearly everyone in the country wanted the Pats to lose … a feeling that must be pretty familiar to Yankees fans.  Also an odd feeling, waking up and realizing that I didn’t dream it … my sister really WAS rooting for the Giants.  An Eagles fan since birth … but rooting for the Giants.  This isn’t something one assimilates easily.

Today is the lull between Super Sunday and Super Tuesday.  I don’t think there’s a name for it.  Mundane Monday?  It’ll have to do.

On the Super Tuesday front, no one’s making any big predictions.  Meanwhile, fans of Girls’ Class M B-ball here in NH have their own Super Tuesday, as Belmont High plays Gilford at Belmont tomorrow night.  We’ve got undefeated Gilford on the one hand … and a BHS squad that has looked like it could beat anyone on any given night.  A familiar scenario, no?

Nomar and Mia at the SuperbowlMeanwhile in Women’s college b-ball it’s UNC-Duke tonight on ESPN or ESPN2 , if I’ not mistaken. 

Finally, Nomar and Mia were at the Superbowl … Nicole Kidman was not spotted anywhere around those parts!

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