Another One Bites the Dust

I’m referring, not to a candidate … but to another undefeated, #1 team from New England that’s been handed its first loss (by a team from the greater NY area).  This time it was the Lady Huskies … who met their match at Rutgers last night.  It was a real barnburner of a game … with the Scarlet Knights down by 9 points at the half, but storming back for the thrilling, two-point win … in large part due to the hot hand of Rutgers sophomore Epiphanny Prince (33 points).  Rutgers won’t be able to savor this too long, as they face Tennessee on Monday (ESPN-7PM).  I wonder if Don Imus was watching as Rutgers pulled off their 73-71 upset.

In other news … who can untangle the Super Tuesday returns?  Looks like McCain pretty much has it in the bag.  Could the influence of our overweight, over-wrought, drug-addled friend Mr. Limbaugh be waning?  (I seem to have seedy radio hosts on the brain at the moment.)  Obama and Clinton continue to duke it out, with little more having been clarified.  Here are the CNN numbers as of dawn today:

Before I sign off, a small confession.  It appears that my excitement about someone from Australia reading JordanCornblog was premature.  What looked like a reader on the web stats was probably (in the sad glare of hindsight) just a robot or search engine hit.  I am going to leave off writing about Nicole Kidman for the time being and focus my energies on Tanzania. We’ll see if that’s a more fruitful venue for new readers.  Stay tuned, and for starters, here’s a news feed from Tanzania … IPPMedia … which will help keep you up to date on news from that part of the world.  (Sadly, perusing the page, I note that Bush is going to be visiting Tanzania shortly … “solidifying his legacy” … don’t know that means, but it sounds scary.)

So … as we head into Wednesday, the pundits, pollsters, campaign hacks  and spinmeisters will be punning (or maybe that’s punding) and polling and hacking and spinning happily all day long.  (And by the way, for the very, very best in punditing, check out Rachel Maddow  on Air America [just added to my blogroll].)  Meanwhile, Rutgers and U Conn will be back in their respective gyms practicing … I’ll head to work … and life just goes on!

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