See What the CIA Says About Tanzania!

Mount Kilimanjaro, TanzaniaI was doing a little research on the beautiful nation that’s home to Mount Kilimanjaro … and its president, Jakaya Kikwete … when I came upon this CIA site about Tanzania … which I found at once informative and a little creepy.  I’ve added it to my blogroll … but it may not stay all that long.  Lord only knows what sorts of tracking devices are embedded there …

You can look up lots of countries and see what the CIA publishes on the web about them.  Sort of “interesting,” but I just don’t know how to interpret the information … or why they are putting it out there.  It’s not going to be secret stuff … and they’re not going to share anything sensitive.  So what are they up to?  If they’re publishing it, doesn’t that mean that by definition it’s got to be pretty much meaningless (from their perspective). 

Why would I be interested in anything that the CIA is willing to put up on the web?  It’s gotta be weasily propaganda, right?  In terms of their mission, isn’t something purely educational/informational, kind of by definition, irrelevant?  And frankly if they really are doing something that’s informational, shouldn’t it be published by some slightly less tainted Department?  (Although what Department that might be in this Administration is a good and worthy … and quite possibly unanswerable … question.) 

So anyway … I return to my original, troubling question.  Why are they doing it?  Should I trust the info?  Having clicked on it, am I now on some list that I wasn’t already on?  Will my buying habits and e-mails now be monitored from a large windowless office building/bunker in Virginia?  Am I sounding a little panicky … a little high pitched … all of a sudden?  πŸ˜‰

RPE, this one’s for you!

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