Ryan and Pellerud Hook Up … (Uh) Oh Canada :(

Check out this excellent article by Gayle Bryan in Fair Game Magazine.  Apparently Greg Ryan, in addition to coaching at Michigan, will be helping the Canadian Team prepare for the Olympics. 

In this interview he continues to show the character and class that have recently so endeared him to many followers of the USWNT.  He continues to take no responsiblity for anything and to blame either Hope Solo or the rest of the team for any and all issues that came to the fore during the World Cup. 

He’s even reached back to diss the 2004 Olympic Team.  What’s the point, Greg?  I had my issues with April Heinrichs, too – but she at least had some character and some respect – both for her players and for herself.  I can’t imagine her giving the post-Cup “performance” that Ryan has.  And yet … on he goes.  I feel especially sorry for the young Michigan players who’ll be experiencing his leadership.  What a classy guy!

And this continued, self-justifying and team-blaming blathering from Ryan makes me oh-so-curious about what the team members think about him and his comments … and how Pia has managed each small eruption of this ongoing controversy.  I bet she’s had some very choice observations!  šŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, they will all be too classy to air any of it publically.

Finally, Greg touts his record … and notes (with the self-effacing humlity we have come to expect) how unlikely it will be for the US to have another coach as successful as he was.  Man … I sure hope Pia stays around at least long enough to eclipse his record … and erase that smug, vacant-looking smirk.

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