Good Morning World!

My sister is visiting this weekend (YEAH!) and among other things we’ll be celebrating the second annual beer tasting fest … an activity which she pretty much initiated here last winter (and at which I made the sad discovery that some people I hold very dear actually like WHEAT BEER).  I apologize if I am offending anyone with my utter incredulity … but could someone please explain WHY?!?!  We’ll also be embarking on the first (annual?) chocolate-tasting extravaganza.  Just in time for Valentine’s day, I’m learning that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) can be quite good for me … wonderful!

Sled DogsPlans for weekend activities have not entirely gelled, but we will definitely be visiting some Concord hotspots (like the Coop, Butters, maybe Red River Theatres, etc.) and might check out the dog sled races in Laconia today or tomorrow!

On the soccer front, I read last night that Pia has made her first round of cuts, releasing eleven players at this stage, and calling up a few more to assess.  Christie Welsh was among those let go.  I was sad to see that, and wonder if she’ll continue to try for the USWNT.  Perhaps when WPS teams get up and running next spring, she’ll return to the mix.

More to come as the day goes on … and stay tuned as I try to get my sister to create her own blog entry sometime over the course of her visit!

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4 Responses to Good Morning World!

  1. I don’t know about 100% … but I’m pretty sure we saw a 95% at our coop yesterday … but didn’t get it … it kind of scared us. (Post from HollyCornblog is in the works!) πŸ™‚


  2. CB says:

    The chocolate tasting looked informative. I didn’t know there was 88% cocoa available. Is there such a thing as 100% cocoa?


  3. HAC says:

    Hi CB, maybe after the beer tasting … πŸ™‚


  4. CB says:

    Hi Holly. Pls post! Thks.


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