HollyCornblog Heads Home

Life will be sad here in JordanCornblog territory today, as HollyCornblog heads back to NY (where the firewood is so plentiful …).  Meanwhile, ChristopherCornblog (middle sibling) is in NY as of this writing, and is heading back to NH later this week.

The visit was great, despite JordanCornblog’s reverting to some typical-older-sister behaviors on several occasions.  Luckily, HollyCornblog is nothing if not tolerant … and JordanCornblog appreciates that immensely! 

And HollyCornblog was a real trooper braving the swirling winds, pelting sleet, and snow squalls with her trusty Nikon yesterday at the sled dog races in Laconia!  Very cool picture she posted last night … of the musher and his team in the final kick of their 15-mile race.  A very similar one was on the front page of this morning’s Concord Monitor … not quite as good, though!  šŸ™‚

Feeling very lucky this morning on the sibling front … see you soon, HollyCornblog!

Willie Looks for HollyCornblog

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3 Responses to HollyCornblog Heads Home

  1. Doris Sabler says:

    Sorry if this is a sad day for you,but as is usually the case, your loss is someone else’s gain.



  2. JordanCornblog says:

    Well, that is a very interesting observation … you may have a point. Please rest assured that I will be looking into this further!


  3. CB says:

    I’m very sad to see Holly go, too. I was wondering. Since Christopher Cornblog and Holly Cornblog never seem to be Cornblogging at the same place and at the same time, could they perhaps be the same person?????


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