Not Super Tuesday … How About Must Win Tuesday … or Tanzania Tuesday?

After you’ve been doing this blogging thing, it gets to be tough coming up with titles.  I bet someone (scratch that … LOTS OF PEOPLE) conducts workshops on that very topic in small, stale, Danish-and-coffee saturated conference rooms all around the country … or even more likely, in on line webinars!  Anyway – I haven’t been to one of those workshops or webinars yet … so please bear with me as my titles get longer and more confusing with each passing week. 

HollyCornblog made it safely back to NY, where she is now staying cozy burning her NY wood in her NY woodstove.  (Willie, by the way, is still looking for her!)

Check out the Visitors’ Map, will ya?  See the little dot on the east coast of Africa?  That’s Tanzania!  HollyCornblog noticed the hit over the weekend, but it took awhile for the map to update.  I am psyched … and a little nervous because, as you may recall, the blurb I posted had a link to the CIA info on Tanzania.  This may be one of those Faustian moments that I come to mightily regret, as life unfolds.

The Lady Vols pulled out a win against Rutgers in the final seconds on a controversial call.  I missed the game (having been at a meeting) and came home to some rather irate basketball fans.  (I happened to … very innocently, mind you … have on an orange fleece when I walked into the house … so was on the receiving end of some of that ire … go figure!)

Best news of the morning, however, is that the Belmont Girls Basketball team beat undefeated Gilford last night 44-32!  Another decisive win for BHS!  They play Gilford again tonight (a make-up game for last week’s snowed-out contest) and will hopefully repeat the feat!

In soccer news, here’s an interview with Heather Mitts, who’s still working her way back from an ACL injury and subsequent surgery.

And then, of course, there’s politics.  Interesting to ponder the recent news about Colin Powell looking at ALL the candidates, not just the Republicans.  Gotta wonder whether his endorsement would be a plus or a minus.  My gut tells me he’ll go for Obama, ulimately – and as a big fat repudiation of the Bush years, it may represent the beginning of a rehabilitation of his standing in this country.

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