Hmmmmm …

I do like it when there’s internecine fighting over there on the right, don’t you?  It appears unlikely that Rush will make his peace with Mr. McCain any time soon … unless he’s just spouting hyperbole to bolster his ratings.  But something like that would be beneath a pundit such as Rush … he’d never do that!  Meanwhile another right-light and just all-around solid human-being, Ann Coulter, compared McCain and Hitler recently.  It all makes me a little nervous about what they’re really up to.

In women’s basketball news, the LSU Lady Tigers, with Van Chancellor at the helm, came from way, way behind to defeat number 1 Tennessee last night.  The race in the SEC has tightened considerably … and the Women’s NCAA tournament keeps looking more and more interesting, too, as March Madness approaches.  (And for those who are still wondering about what happened to Pokey and how she’s doing now, here’s something I found on the “After Ellen” site about Ms. Pokey Chatman and her new job with the Spartak Moscow Region professional basketball team!

Anyway … speaking of b-ball … today should see the final regular season games for the NH Class M girls, and it looks like there’s but a sliver dividing the top 8 or 9 teams.  Like the women’s NCAA this year, the NHIAA Tournament, at least in Class M, looks like it’ll be fielding LOTS of teams that could easily contend for the top spot.

The USWNT continues training in California and it’s expected that Pia will announce the Algarve Cup roster next week.

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2 Responses to Hmmmmm …

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Hey there – I agree about Class M. It looks to me like any of the top ten (or so) teams could win on a good day. Hope your game at SNHU is fun … it’s definitely on our radar for tomorrow – but hard to know excatly what we’ll end up doing. Have a great day!


  2. PaulaLR says:

    Ahhhhh good morning Jordy,
    Missed your entry yesterday..High school basketball is winding down. Tournament started in class I this week. My qtr. final tomorrow and SNHU should be a good one #4 vs. #5. Souhegan/John Stark, I haven’t seen either on this season so that is good.I had a 3 person game at Moultonboro High last night in preparation. I could ref until my 80’s if everyone would do 3 person!!
    Class S, M, I all are up for grabs in my humble opinion and class L looks like Winnicunet will be tough to beat.
    Yoga first on my list today. Have a good one


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