Saturday Again!

Wow – the weeks do fly by.  I’m going light this morning after a long (and fun) drive to Lewiston and back last night.  In bed by 1:30 AM … up by 6:30 AM … that’s definitely not something I can sustain over too long a span anymore!  But up in Lewiston it’s de rigueur!  So what’s up this morning?

I find myself avoiding writing about the shootings at Northern Illinois University … just feel so sick at heart about it.  Young lives of promise cut short, so senselessly and tragically.  Guns.  Closer to home, from Alton, NH, comes news this morning of another horrific gun tragedy.  Every day.  Guns.

Then I see that John McCain, in a bit of cold-blooded political maneuvering (“My friends …”), has tacked a controversial amendment onto an uncontroversial bill.  The amendment overturns a Reagen-era rule that required handguns and such to be put in inaccessible places when people entered National Parks. 

Why do people need accessible handguns in National Parks?  When will we evolve beyond our primitive and fearful clinging to the Second Amendment?  Even the Bush Administration has not led me to desire a handgun for self-protection.  Although, come to think of it, the frightening and democracy-threatening excesses of the past seven years may be the best argument for purchasing a gun in that I’ll experience in my lifetime.

And as an aside … is Charlton Heston still alive?

Anyway – on to news from the sports world.  First, the Belmont HS girls won their final regular season game, beating White Mountain HS, 40-16.  With so many teams having identical records at the top of the standings this year, it will be fascinating to see how the seedings play out … and who BHS will face in their preliminary round game this coming Thursday.  According to the Laconia Citizen, it sounds like they may be the 5th seed.

Here’s a nice piece about Kristine Lilly and Tina Ellertson and how they are managing their pregnancies and their training regimens.  Meanwhile, the word from another soccer mom, Brandi Chastain, is that she hadn’t felt quite through with playing on the USWNT.  I’ve always loved her brash confidence … but this last seems beyond confidence and verging on delusion.  Thankfully, Pia is rock solid – and I hope that Brandi comes around to seeing things a bit more clearly!  Guess that’s it for now.  Happy Saturday!

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