Blue Monday (And Wishing It Really Were No Country for Old Men)

With Ralph Nader now in the Presidential race … and the Belmont girls basketball team unfortunately out of the Class M NHIAA Tournament … it’s a rather sad Monday in JordanCornblog land. 

Seventh-seeded BHS lost a hard-fought game to #2 seed Conant last night, and Conant moves on to play Newfound in the Semifinals on Wednesday.  (Gilford meets Campbell in the other bracket.)  It was the closest game of the evening, but Belmont’s fate was pretty much sealed when one of their stronger players fouled out with a little more than three minutes still remaining in the game.  Throughout the evening the Raiders played from behind, occasionally pulling even but never (to my recollection) getting ahead.  As one of the other spectators commented, it’s very difficult and draining to be constantly playing from behind.  Tough ending to an excellent season, girls!

On the political front, I wish that “No Country for Old Men” had won “Best Title for an Election” … but what I wrote briefly yesterday continues to be true … like a bad dream … Ralphie is running.  Here’s an article from Common Dreams.  Nothing really new in it – but the comments were what I found interesting and disturbing.  Those who support Nader are out in force and sound as angry, unreasonable, and narrowly-focused as I expect the far right to sound. 

They absolutely deny and vociferously denigrate any assertion that his presence in the race made any difference in the 2000 election.  (Here in NH, his absence would have undoubtedly meant a Gore win … and then Florida would have had no impact on the outcome … but oh, well.)  They assert that there is no difference between the parties … even after these seven years.  They live under the delusion that Ralph could actually DO something once in office, presumably because he is so much purer than anyone else.  Ugh!  They reflect the sort of rigidity and narrowness (and maybe even a wee bit of hypocrisy) that their standard-bearer suffers from according to The Skeleton Closet.  (Check out Ralph’s alleged skeletons there!)

Bummer of a day … with BHS out of the race and Ralph in.  Maybe some housecleaning will cheer me up!  Or how about a little USWNT video? It’s billed here as pre-Algarve, but the tagline is pre-World Cup.  No matter – it’s nice to see ’em! 

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2 Responses to Blue Monday (And Wishing It Really Were No Country for Old Men)

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Wow, CB – thanks for that Robin Morgan piece! I haven’t read it all (have to dash out to a meeting) but will when I get home. And as for Ralph … I’m more thinking delusional disorder … or maybe you’re right – narcissistic personality disorder could be a nice fit!


  2. CB says:

    I just became aware of personality disorder as a mental health diagnosis. Do you think that perhaps explains Ralph?

    Check this out. Sent to me from my other Swarthmore friend:

    I am so conflicted!


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