Ralph and Robin (Sung to the Tune of "Rockin' Robin")

I know it’s going to snow today … but yesterday I swear there was a hint of spring in the air!  Rockin’ Robin, indeed!

Anyway, I was driving home from a meeting last night and tuned into an interview with Ralph Nader on “As It Happens.”  I caught the last bit, where he was decrying how the African Americans and the women in he House and Senate aren’t doing enough to address problems that Ralph thinks they should be concerned about (an interesting way to make an assessment … but I digress).  I nearly drove off the road when I heard him mentioning the plight of America’s children, as an example of something that women ought to be paying more attention to.  I swear!  Not that I don’t think these are issues in need of attention … but that it should be the particular purview of women was an interesting and revealing soundbite, I thought.  You can link to it here – it’s the first segment of the show, and was right near the end.

Meanwhile, balancing the whiff of misogyny that I’ve always suspected in Ralph (and that’s been rampantly apparent in so much of the anti-Hillary-mania) is this piece from Robin Morgan (thanks CB) that came out early this month!  For those who haven’t already read it, “Goodbye to All That (#2)” lays it all on the line and then some – so take that Mr. Unsafe At Any Speed … not to mention those who feel license to be even more over the top in their misogyny!  (May you all be rear-ended.)

All I can say is watch the Democratic debate tonight (that’s where I’ll be) … and in the meantime,  here’s an interesting blog (womensspace.com) that I found when I Googled that Robin Morgan piece.  And then there’s Lingual Tremors … another Google find … fascinating!

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