McCain Family Recipes and Other Political Fakery

Apparently the “family recipes” posted on John McCain’s website are not culled from hand-written, ingredient-smudged 3×5 cards handed down from Cindy McCain’s mother to her daughter. It seems they may not be family recipes at all. It seems they may be … gulp … fake. Now how could that possibly be? Are you saying that Cindy McCain is not what she appears? Of course she is!

Hillary at Bronco'sAnd what of Hillary downing shots at Bronco’s? There’s genius in the image, that’s for sure. Between this and her recent comments about learning to hunt, she’s certainly making her case with those Western and Central Pennsylvania Deer Hunter voters that Barack misspoke with (or about, or on, or over).

Katrina vanden Heuvel writes that Obama was spot on in his comments … and I tend to agree. If Hillary’s calculations are correct and she wins votes by throwing back shots and jumping all over Obama for his “elitist” comments then, quite ironically, she will be proving his comments absolutely true, won’t she?

Meanwhile (and again from Politico) here’s an interesting piece about what Clinton wishes she could say … but won’t.

Turning to the Bushies for a bit, we have Stephen Hadley confusing Nepal with Tibet. Stupidity, it seems, is catching. And Bush, who’s stiffed the American people for seven years and counting … doesn’t want to stiff Colombia … oh no!  And I also read that Rumsfeld is going to be publishing his memoirs. I won’t even link that … it shall be relegated to the dustbin of JordanCornblog (if not history)!

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