Recipe Reprise and Other Things at Sunrise

The latest on the Cindy McCain recipe debacle seems to be that the McCain powers that be are blaming it all on an intern.  Oh great … find the lowest-ranking person in the room and blame everything on him/her.  Now where have we seen that before?  (Can you say torture?)

Tonight in North Carolina Hillary and Obama will go toe-to-toe for the first time in six weeks, in preparation for Tuesday’s votes.  I am looking forward to seeing how they engage after these weeks of sniping and skirmishing.  Typically, Hillary shines in the debate format, but Barack has been getting better and better.  I doubt that we’ll see anything decisive tonight … but you never know!  (And if you’d like to track the superdelegates in your state, or somewhere else, check out this state-by-state superdelegate table for the latest counts!)

In a passionate plea for journalism that offers substance, Robert Reich addresses the debased reporting of the whole “bitterness” issue and calls Tim Russert to task (oh-so-rightly) for swimming in spin.  Along the same lines, here’s Eugene Robinson’s trenchant take on Hillary’s elitist and condescending attack on Barack for being elitist and condescending. 

Okay – I’m off.  See you at the debate!?

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