Wednesday, April 23, 2008!

I’m starting off very randomly today … we’ll see if some shape emerges.

First, I see that the Flyers went to OT and won their game 7 (unlike the Bruins … oops) and move on in the Stanley Cup playoffs, where they’ll next face top-ranked Montreal. Rock on, Broadstreet Bullies! (Tells you the last time I followed the Flyers, I’m afraid …)

The Phillies beat the Rockies for the second straight game … as Pat Burrell gave the Phils some more clutch hitting … and they top the .500 mark for the first time this season (and WAY earlier than in recent years).

Deer ... Waiting

Here are the deer at the top of our hill … waiting patiently for their morning victuals. We are winding down on the food service … as the fields green up and their natural sources of sustenance come back into play.

In other local news … hats off to Canterbury’s own Brian Collins who ran in Monday’s Boston Marathon and finished an awesome 4,671 overall with a 3:21:53 time. I believe I heard somewhere that this was Brian’s 18th consecutive run at Boston … amazing! Check out his stats …

9448 Collins, Brian J. 52 M Canterbury NH USA    






















Projected Time

Official Time











Oh yes … and Hillary won in Pennsylvania where the campaigning had been fierce and the turnout was very high. Interestingly, for example, according to MSNBC, “In Montgomery County, in the Philadelphia area, more than 300,000 new Democrats registered, many of them switching their allegiances from independent or Republican. For the first time, Democrats were the majority in the county; in the past, Republicans held a 2-to-1 advantage.” That is an amazing statistic for Montgomery County, home of the blue-blooded, old-moneyed, clench-jawed Main Line. Sounds like it may be some days before we know how the delegate counts shake out, as some are awarded based on theState-wide vote and others (more, in fact) based on district tallies.

Here’s a nice article posted on CommonDreams by Charles Derber and Yale Magrass about rethinking John McCain’s war hero status. It reminds me of a comment a friend made to me many months ago about how scary he found John McCain … because of the temper he exhibits … and the mountains of unprocessed, unexplored, volatile and explosive anger he must lug around based on his experiences while captive. (Makes you pause and wonder why Cindy looks so robotic, doesn’t it … kinda?)

From the USSF Site, here are Pia’s, Carli’s and Chalupa’s reactions to the USWNT draw. Pia sounds focused, and upbeat, and like she’s breathing a small sigh of personal relief … “This is a very unique moment in that a Swede will be helping represent the U.S. in an Olympic tournament. I am very excited about both the U.S. team and the Swedish team and I guess it turned out well that Sweden is not in our bracket!”

Meanwhile, the USWNT travels to South Korea in mid-June for the Peace Queen Cup. There, they’ll get a chance to play Brazil again … for the first time since the World Cup debacle. (Sure hope someone has the wherewithal to televise this!) Here’s the draw and the tentative (as of 4/1/08) match schedule:

2008 Peace Queen Cup Draw – Suwon, South Korea

Group A

  • A1 – South Korea
  • A2 – North Korea
  • A3 – Canada
  • A4 – Argentina

Group B

  • B1 – USA
  • B2 – Italy
  • B3 – Brazil
  • B4 – Australia

2008 Peace Queen Cup Tentative USA Match Schedule (Kickoff Times TBD)

  • June 15 – USA v. Italy
  • June 17 – USA v. Brazil
  • June 19 – USA v. Australia
  • June 21 – Championship Game (Group Winners)


And finally, the biggest news today … HBD, BJ!!!!!

Have some daffodils on me!

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  1. CB says:

    Glad to see your March snow has melted.


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