Reps Repudiate Callous Conservatives' Medicaid Maneuver

The US House of Representatives put a temporary hold on at least one of Bush’s efforts to save money on the backs of the poor and the powerless, while continuing to protect the privileges (and pocketbooks) of his rich buddies. As reported on MSNBC, “Two thirds of the Republicans joined every voting Democrat in the 349-62 vote to impose a one-year moratorium, through next March, on seven rules changes that the administration argues are needed to rectify waste and abuse in the state-federal partnership to provide health care to the poor.”

Of course this isn’t the end of the story … as this measure still needs to move through the Senate Finance Committee to the floor of the Senate for a vote. Charles Grassley of Iowa has voiced opposition to the House approach, saying: “It is an absolute farce for anyone to argue that all of those dollars are being appropriately spent and that Congress ought to just walk away from these issues.”

Chuck – I know you have your fiscal responsibility bona fides in order … BUT I still wish you were as demanding-of-accountability relative to other fiscal issues … like, err … say … war profiteering in Iraq (just to name one small example that springs to mind). How about going after some of THOSE big fish? How about calling THAT farce a farce?

Nah … didn’t think so, Charles.


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