Bushies Amongst the Trees (and Other Utter Unworthiness)

Bush has done another end run around the Constitution, the separation of powers … in other words, the usual. This time it’s the $1 billion that appears to have gone from the Canadian government to Bush friends in the timber industry via a deal negotiated by the Bush administration. Happily, I am able to report that the whole deal was monitored by Harriet Myers. Yep, I thought that would make you feel better! Here’s Carl Pope on The Huffington Post about this debacle.

Meanwhile, it seems that conservative types like Senator Larry Craig in the US don’t have the corner on kinkiness. “One of Australia’s most senior conservative politicians broke down as he tearfully admitted sniffing the chair of a female colleague shortly after she vacated it.” Read more about the chair-sniffing proclivities of Troy Buswell. You can also check out a video clip of Mr. Buswell’s tearful admission, along with some commentary … on the Huffington Post.

Karl Christian RoveDoesn’t it make you wonder what Karl Christian Rove does? (Uh … I am really, really sorry I brought that up!)

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