O'Reilly, Scaife, Clinton, Murdoch … Which One of These Doesn't Belong?

Remember that game? Find the similarities amongst the items and then find the one that doesn’t fit? Well … hmmmm … it’s looking to me like they all kind of match. Weird, huh?

So Hillary’s now doing interviews with Bill O’Reilly. It’s an effort to reach out to the white male voters who watch O’Reilly and can help her on Tuesday in Indiana, aides say. I suppose you could see it as indicating that she’s someone who “has what it takes” or someone willing to “do what it takes.” To me it looks (at best) like someone who’ll do anything, say anything, be anything … to get to the goal. At worst, I fear that we’re seeing her true(er) colors coming into the light.

As long ago as 2006 Rupert Murdoch was emerging as a fan. As far back as 1993, her spiritual search (to frame it kindly) took a disturbing right turn. (Hey, if you’re going to pile on Obama for his pastoral connections, yours are fair game, m’am!)

Scaife and FriendAnd then there’s the recent Richard Scaife endorsement. Big Dick basically says he changed his mind because Hillary walked into his office at the Trib and exhibited intelligence, courage, confidence, a command of the facts, etc. Yeah, right. Sounds to me like an old B-movie plot where the little lady takes off her glasses and suddenly, the big guy falls in love. Puhleeese!

At some point, we need to start doing the math, folks … and ponder what this all adds up to.

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